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Mobile Cart w/Tank

Mobile Tank Systems with Storage Tank

The Liquidynamics Mobile Cart System with 75 gallon storage tank provides a clean, safe and efficient way to dispense fluids. The 20 additional gallons of storage capacity allows the user to add the entire contents of a 55 gallon drum before running out of product. This eliminates the potential of having partially empty 55 gallon drums accumulate and does away with the difficulty, mess and time consuming chore of changing drums – you simply pump the fluid from the 55 gallon drum into the Mobile Cart!

The standard system includes a 3:1 pneumatic pump, 1/2” x 25’ hose reel, 1/2” x 6’ jumper hose, electronic meter, control handle with rigid spout, automatic tip, air filter/regulator, 75 gallon storage tank and heavy duty cart. The heavy duty cart features large 10” dia. wheels, 8” dia. casters (with brake) and tow bar for easy maneuverability.

You can easily customize this system to best fit your application by choosing components from the provided selection chart. In keeping with the current emphasis on fluid cleanliness, Liquidynamics offers dessicant breathers to ensure air drawn into the tank is free of particulate and moisture contamination. As a final assurance that only clean fluid is being dispensed from your mobile cart, a high pressure discharge filter is available in several micron ratings.


  • 3:1 Pneumatic Pump, other ratios available
  • Air Filter Regulator
  • 1/2” x 25’ Hose Reel, up to 50’ length available
  • Available Dessicant Breather
  • Tank Level Gauge
  • 75 Gallon Storage Tank (95 Gallon Tank Available)
  • Available Air Reel up to 40’ length
  • Available Discharge Filter
  • 10” dia. Wheels
  • 8” dia. Casters with Brake
  • Heavy Duty Cart with Tow Bar

Height w/ reel: 56”
Width: 29”
Length: 28”
Weight (empty): 295 lbs.