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De-Ionized Water

Grade 3 De-Ionized Water Generation Equipment

Liquidynamics G3 Water Purification Systems are designed to produce low cost Grade 3, de-ionized water per ISO 3696. This grade 3, de-ionized, water can be used for cleaning/rinsing of DEF storage and handling equipment. It is good practice to flush new DEF systems with 100% Grade 3 water as defined by ISO 3696: 1987(E), since Grade 3 de-ionized water will obtain a deeper cleaning during first flush and provides a quantifiable means to document cleanness of a system for the purpose of establishing certificate of cleanness as defined by ISO 22242-1 and 22241-3. Using Grade 3, de-ionized, water for purposes of flushing and/or rinsing equipment is significantly more cost effective than using DEF for this purpose. These systems may also be used for blending antifreeze.

As shown below, Liquidynamics G3 Water Purification Systems provides options to fit most applications. Please contact Liquidynamics if you have questions, or if your application requires larger capacities than those shown on these pages.